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Private Guided Historical - Cultural - Ancient Sightseeing Tours to Baka-lake Herakleia from Kusadasi Turkey by Taxi - Cab - Chauffeured driven Car.

Private Baka-lake Herekleia Tours - Excursions :
Destination to Kusadasi :105 km
How you go there :Driven Across Söke to road of Bodrum takes 1,20 hours from kusadasi by Taxi or Minibus
Charge of the Entrance :No entrance charge.
Information :Guidebook and Map of about Herakleia - Turkey, is avaiable to find in Kusadasi or at Place .(if wanted)
Private Taxi Minibus Cab Tour Prices :Here you will see our Taxi Excursion tour Prices for Baka-lake Herekleia with different Variations
Reservation /order : You can Order you taxi if you click on the taxi sign or direct by Telephone and Fax
DISCOUNT / SPECIAL . If you booking 3 different Sightseeing Excursion you will got from the Total 7 %.

o   Taxi Excursion / Tour to Bafa Lake from Kusadasi for88,00.- Euro
o   Bafa Lake & Herakleia for105,00.- Euro
o    Bafa Lake & Bodrum for179,00.- Euro
On the Prices for the Excursion by Taxi are the Entrance Fee -Parking Fee -Meal -Guide not Included .The Price are for taxi , not for each person ,our taxi have 5 seats,aiconditioned, comfortable.And Our driver has knowledge about around and speaking English .

Photos :On the bellow you will see some photos pictures of Bafa Lake.

Bafa Lake bafalake
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History :About the History of BafaLake Heraklea
Bafa Lake offers an ideal location for relaxation with its impressive setting, and full with visitors who prefer cooling off in the lakeside cafes & restaurants for enjoying the excellent view. As an ancient gulf transformed into a lake by the alluvial deposits of the river Meander (Buyuk Menderes), Lake Bafa, is situated at the foot of Mount Latmus, at the size of 10 miles length and 3 miles width.
The lake is fed by little torrents and by the river Meander during the rainy season. The water flows back into the Meander along the same direction in the summer. The lake is rich for the great variety of fish , mullet principally. Also, at certain times, the lake and its environs are visited by thousands of wild ducks, pelicans, water hens, making a marvelous setting.
Herekleia Heraclea is located 100 km south of Kusadasi, A member of Ionian Confederacy, Heraclea, was established on an earlier city called "Latmus" dated back to the 8th century BC. The city took its name from the famous mythological figure, Herakles.
Square & rectangular stone walls in 6.5 km length with 65 towers, surrounding the ancient Heraclea. Well conditioned "The Temple of Athena" stands on the rocky area behind the harbor as an example of two-column Hellenistic construction with the style in Templum in Antis. On the eastern side of the temple, is the rectangular constructed agora as a two storied building. Only its first floor exists, today. The theatre is situated in the northeast of the city. Building dedicated to shepherd, Endymion- who was loved by the Goddess of Moon, Selene and was put to sleep for eternity by God of Gods, Zeus, and is located on the road to the shore and islands. Heraclea became a safety land of hermitage for the monks and priests in the early evangelization of Asia Minor Christianity. The first monastery was established in the 7th century AD and many monasteries -maybe 13, spread around Heraclea. A castle was constructed in order to protect monasteries that were scattered through this wild region. The caves around, which are considered to be inhabited by the monks and hermits, are ornamented by marvelous frescoes representing the life of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary and the saints. I recomend to make a Boot trip in Bafalake,so you can see secret Ruins on Islands and fabiluis beach,and Fish in the Restourants are famous too.....!!!!

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